Testimonials - ArcherAircraft

Jan 2016


Training with Bill Archer following the purchase of our new Malibu was a beneficial and positive experience. Stepping up from an Arrow to the performance and complexity of the Malibu demands an in-depth awareness of systems and characteristics that make it unique. I was immediately impressed with Bill's extensive knowledge and willingness to work around my schedule. Unlike some of the more rigid courses I've attended, Bill was always available to answer questions. I highly recommend!

Dec 2015


Bill was very instrumental in helping not only selecting the airframe, but which aircraft to purchase. He shepherded me thru the entire process. American Insurance/Acceleration underwriting authorized him to do the initial training. I periodical return to both he and his son for additional training or just those thousand mundane questions that arise. Intellectually honest. GREAT mentor! I can't say enough positives for both of those guys.

Nov 2015


I only have positive things to say about Bill Archer and his training. I did my checkout with him this year when I acquired my Malibu. The first day of training we used his airplane as mine was grounded due to an AP issue that EAM found after my G500 install (I was picking up the plane at that time from EAM following the install). My insurance company/underwriters just asked for his syllabus of instruction and they easily approved him. It was not problem. My only complaint is that Arizona is HOT in the summer!!! Thank goodness our planes have air conditioning.